Boyish, The Drum Loop Pack

Boyish, The Drum Loop Pack


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Download the drum loops from 3 Boyish songs!

This pack contains (exactly) 123 live drum loops played, mixed, and hand-picked by yours truly. 

I’ve also included the drums multitrack for each song, as well as stereo files of the full performance.

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Recording drums is a pain. You need a good sounding room, a good drummer, a decent drum kit, a good engineer…

That’s why I made this pack. Now you can just drag and drop those loops in your session. Boom, instant groove.

I was lucky to record these parts with some amazing people at an amazing studio and I thought I should share them with the world.

Here are some examples of what you will find in the pack:


What’s in the pack?

You will get (exactly) 123 live drum loops that are taken from 3 different Boyish songs. They were all played live and recorded with love at Wellspring Sound during the recording sessions for our album Garden Spider. The songs in question are Ghost, AnDroGay and hot wheels.

The loops come in full resolution 48 kHz, 24-bit Wav files. 

You will also get their Apple Loops (.AIF) equivalent so you can drag and drop them directly in your Logic Pro or Diet Logic™ (also called GarageBand) session. They will conform to your session’s tempo.

Additionally, I’ve included 21 FX Loops where I ran some of my drums through various devices and plugins such as a Sony Walkman or Avid’s Lo-Fi. This yielded some interesting sound design and esoteric loops which I hope will inspire you in your productions.

garden spider boyish

As part of the complete pack, you also get the full performance as a full resolution stereo file. This can serve as a backing track in a teaching situation and allows you to capture additional loops and samples. You will also find an additional “natural” version without any processing.

Finally, I’ve included the multitrack of each session for additional sampling and teaching possibilities! Each multitrack folder includes the 11 or 12 microphone tracks (depending on the song) straight out of the board. I even already cleaned the toms tracks, because I love you and nobody should ever have to listen to the bleed from a tom track. If you don’t know what the last sentence meant, hit me up, I actually used to teach music production at Guitar Center in Queens.

This pack is ideal for any:

Music Producer and Songwriter who would like to add real drums to their song without having to go to a studio, hire a drummer, buy them pizza, etc.

Musicians who want to practice playing to live grooves played by a real drummer

Music Teacher who can use this pack as a backing track for their students to play to

Music Production Teacher who can use the raw multi tracks to teach how to mix and edit drums


Wellspring Sound Studio

We were lucky to record at Wellspring Sound Studio. They have an amazing live room and an insane collection of instruments and gear. 

We set up the drums in studio A which features a 40´ x 35´ live room with maple floors and 12´ – 14´ ceilings.


Wellspring Sound Studio Control Room

Wellspring Sound Studio Live Room






Here is a list of some of the gear that we used:


Bass Drum: Grover 22” x 18”

Snare Drum: Tama S.L.P. 13” x 6.5” Steel and Tama Star Classic 14″ Maple

Toms: 1959 Slingerland Radio King 12” and 16”

Cymbals: Sabian 20” AA “Big and Ugly”, Zildjian 20” Oriental Crash of Doom, Zildjian 10″ FX Trashformer and the Istanbul Agop 15″ OM Cindy Blackman Hi Hat

Drums recorded by Garrett Edson and Claire Hewer.

Here are (from memory) some of the microphones we used:

Room: RCA 44

Hi Hat: Beyer M160

Toms: Shure KSM 32

Overhead: C-12 clones

There was also a case of PBR but that’s all I remember…


Drums Studio Wellspring Aleksi Godard


Disclaimer: As a general rule of thumb, you can safely speed up those loops, they will still sound like a drumset. For slower tempos, you will eventually run into some crazy shit. Enjoy.



– Content: Loops, Drums Multitrack and Full Performance

– Number of Loops: 123

– Tempo: 125, 165, and 176 BPM

– File Size: 1.92 GB

– Instant Download

– 100% Royalty Free

– High Quality 24-Bit 48kHz Audio

– WAV and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats

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  1. David (verified owner)

    Very cool loops!! These sound amazing

  2. Kai (verified owner)

    Great loops, very well recorded.

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