Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s everything you need to know so we can just focus on the music!

Do you specialize in a particular genre?2020-05-06T16:46:02-04:00

Not really. On any given day, you might find me listening to Ariana Grande, Meshuggah and Bill Evans. As a mix engineer, producer and drummer I have worked with metal bands, folk singer-songwriters, jazz big bands, symphony orchestras and electronic musicians.

Can you do a spec/test/free mix?2020-05-16T18:45:02-04:00

Absolutely, send me your multitrack and I will mix and master an excerpt for you for free.

I couldn’t open the archive that I downloaded from your website2020-05-20T21:18:42-04:00

99% of the time this is caused by a network error while downloading the file. Try again with the download link that was sent to you (check your spam if you don’t see it) and make sure the download was not interrupted. If that did not fix your issue, please email me and I will provide you with another option.

How should I send you my song?2020-05-03T22:34:21-04:00

The easiest way is to send me a compressed folder containing the audio files from your song. Please make sure that all of your audio files were exported from the same starting point. These files should be in the same sample rate and bit depth as your session (usually 44.1 kHz and 24-bit).

Here’s an article from that can help you prepare your tracks for mixing. I also recommend checking out The Pro Audio Files and their 9 Tips for Preparing a Session for Mixing guide.


When will I get my mix?2020-05-03T22:34:26-04:00

I mix on a first-come, first-served basis and will give you an estimate when we agree to work together.

Can I send you a Pro Tools or Logic session?2020-05-03T22:34:37-04:00

Yes you could also send me a Pro Tools or a Logic session. In that case, make sure that you are bouncing/committing any effects and processing that are part of your sound. That goes for any midi files which should be converted to audio.

What else should I send you?2020-05-03T22:34:49-04:00

You should send me a rough mix and links to a couple commercial references that you like.

Do you provide any alternate mixes?2020-05-03T22:34:58-04:00

Once we agree on a mix revision I can provide you with the following alternate mixes:

  • Acapella (all the vocals with their effects)
  • TV (everything but the main vocals)
  • Instrumental (the whole track minus all the vocals)
  • Radio (also called “clean”, a full mix without any curse words)
How many revisions are included?2020-05-16T18:32:59-04:00

I offer unlimited revisions. Keep in mind that providing me with a rough mix, a well organized multitrack, and precise notes will decrease the number of revisions needed to achieve a perfect mix.

Is my song mastered?2020-05-16T18:47:53-04:00

I always provide my clients with radio-ready mixes that include my own mastering chain. If time and budget permit, I strongly suggest working with a mastering engineer and will provide you with an unmastered version.

Can I get the stems from your mix? Your Protools / Logic session?2020-05-16T18:49:02-04:00

I’ll be happy to provide you with any deliverables that you need.

Do you offer other audio editing services?2020-05-06T16:49:44-04:00

Asides from my mixing and music production services, I offer:

  • Vocal Tuning: using a combination of Melodyne, Autotune, Flex Time or even Elastic Audio depending on what your vocal needs
  • Vocal Editing: I can clean your vocals from loud breaths, clicks, pops, esses, background noise, etc.
  • Drum Editing: fixing mistakes while keeping that human feel, cleaning tom tracks, etc.
  • Drum Sample Replacement: sourcing and aligning samples over your existing drums tracks
  • Session Preparation: ensuring your song is ready for mixing
  • Sound-alike: recreating a sample or a full song from scratch

If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a message!